The Blade House is fuelled by Syeahskate, a family of friends in Athens, Greece, who love to rollerblade.

We have always been involved in blading, one way or another. We make films, organise tours and blading comps, build ramps, design and sell clothing... you get the idea.


With the collective help and experience of every Syeahskate member, we have designed and built all the ramps, rails and boxes in the Blade-House. There is an indoor living room bowl, a rooftop filled with railboxes and rails, an entrance handrail, and a few smaller boxesrails and other stuff that we move around. 


The house also hosts a film club twice a week, 9 months per year. There's a big garden with a basketball hoop, a ping pong room and slackline rope. Various other activities also take place, such as mural painting, screen-printing & film processing. 


Our Blade House annual event in September is just a big party celebrating blading, having mad fun and showcasing the skills of bladers from all over Greece and the world. In the past we've been lucky enough to have had people from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Australia join us and we definitely look forward to seeing more of you here.

You can be sure there will be great blading, great bands, great people and the best of vibes, which is what our party is most known for. The local team from Vice did a piece on our 2014 event, titled "Sickest event of the year"! It truly was off the hook, so come be a part of it this September 2nd, 2017!!!

The blade house is active most months, so feel free to contact us if you plan on visiting Athens.



The Blade House is located within 10 min walking distance from Ethniki Amina Metro station, in Neo Psihiko, a suburb of Athens which is 15 min away from the city centre.

  • Location: Delfon 2, Neo Psihiko, 15451
  • Metro : Ethniki Amina ( National Defence )
  • Buses: 140 / 550 / 610 / 602 / A5 / A7 / B5 / X14