Shred the house with bladers from all around the globe,

Get destroyed at the now infamous after party. 

 The Blade House is simply a residential home in a quiet Athens suburb, with stuff to skate on its premises. And its for bladers only! How cool is that?


Equipped with a terrace railbox park, an indoor mini ramp, a handrail and more, we are happy to invite you to the 5th annual Blade House event!!!

It would be great to have you here!


-- Vice Gr on our 2014 event: "Sickest event of the year" --

-- Deutsche Welle, German Tv featuring our 2013 event -- 

"Heavyweight Athens Blading" Belt  & "Over 30's" Coffin prize

Greeks are well known for their hospitality. So in true Greek fashion we shall try our best to find a nice place for all you bladers to stay for free!  In the week preceding and following the event we shall have blading sessions, trips to the beach, great food and everything else summer related, so feel free to join us! Greek summer is definitely something to be experienced, so why not match it with some great blading sessions? 

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