Free accommodation

Greeks are well known for their hospitality. So in true Greek fashion we shall try our best to find a nice place for all you bladers to stay for free. 


The Blade House can host up to 8 bladers at a time, so if you wish to stay here, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to make it happen. If you travel with non-blader friends, please tell us about it, we might be able to help them out as well.


Hotels & airbnb

Seriously guys, this is Athens. There's a ton of hotels and airbnb rooms, in every price range. We would recommend staying in central Athens.


Try to avoid the Omonia or Pedion Areos areas. They are not dangerous or anything, just fugly and full of junkies and delinquents.



 Athens Style / Athens Backpackers / City Circus