Blade House 2016

Heavyweight Champions : Lubos Turek (Prague) TIE WITH Dominic Bruce (Stonehaven)

Best trick : Dan Collins (London)

Jurassic Champion (Over 30's) : John Cico (Athens)


Blade House 2015

Heavyweight Champions : Nikos Diakoumeas (Athens) TIE WITH Giorgos Mitropoulos (Athens)

Jurassic Champion (Over 30's) : George Sarantoulias (Adelaide)


Blade House 2014

Railbox King : Nikos Diakoumeas (Athens)

Handrail Warrior : Luboš Turek (Prague)

Best Fall : Giorgos Mitropoulos (Athens)

VICE Greece article titled "SICKEST event of the year"

Blade house 2013

Bowl Walltap & Rooftop Railbox winner : Nikos Diakoumeas (Athens)

Handrail winner : Kostas Prassas

Best Fall : Giorgos Mitropoulos (Athens)