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The largest city of Greece, and one of the world's oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning around 3,400 yearblah blah blah...Athens is awesome, just do it!



Athens has one airport. The Athens International Airport provides connections with most countries, so you should be fine. 


-The Metro ride to the blade house or central Athens from the airport costs 10  or 18 (return ride) .You can get discounts on that if you buy more tickets.

 -A taxi ride from the airport will cost about 40 - 60  to get to the Blade House or the city. 


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Athens Transport

Most of Athens is covered by the Metro so transportation is easy. Trains and buses are also available. 

A ticket costs 1.4 and you can take as many rides as you want for 70 minutes.

There's a daily pass for 4.5 , a 5-day pass for 9  and a 3-day pass (including a Metro ride from and to the airport) for 22  


TFA mobile app -


Taxi in Athens is pretty cheap. ( Theres Uber as well )


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Several Greek shipping companies maintain daily connections between Italy and Greece. 

You could get a boat from Ancona or Brindisi to Patras and then a 2 hour bus ride (20) to Athens. You can buy a "deck" ticket and camp out on the deck in a sleeping bag, a cabin ticket, or an airline seat.


Athens has its main port in Piraeus, where you can visit or return from most of the Greek islands.



To all our Bulgarian/Romanian/Macedonian/Albanian friends who wish to visit by car, the way to Athens is pretty straightforward, especially the last 500km from Thessaloniki. Before that, your own your own buddy. There are many toll booths in that last 500km so except to pay about 30 euros in tolls (one way).


Parking near the Blade House is not gonna be a problem.



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